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Party Review

I spent so much time cleaning up from the party and running post-party errands, I haven’t had a chance to review the night.

It was fantastic. Before the party my phone kept ringing and I was thinking, “People, just come over, quit calling.” Except for one call–I realized when Eric called to ask, “Is it okay if I bring a salad?” that I didn’t have plates to hold food. I bought a ton of little plates, but no dinner plates. So I sent Ronnie a text message, “Please save me and bring plates.” He called and agreed to buy some on the way over.

Mollie got there first, with a boiling hot Chicken Tetrazinni. Ryan and Sara were quick on her heels with a lovely bottle of rum from Venezuela, that was promptly hidden from the partygoers. Tim and Sandra arrived, Sandra was my roommate freshman year of college and Tim was good friends with Ryan, but hasn’t seen him in about 10 years.

We were sitting in the dining room and Mollie said, “Okay, tell me your names again.” I offered that I’d actually bought nametags, but thought people would think it was dorky. To my surprise, people said, “Give us the nametags.” Everyone wrote their name and something that was true, but unbelievable. I think the nametags actually helped the conversation a lot. Dorky, yes, helpful? yes.

Quickly the apartment filled with people, but no matter how many candles I lit in the front room, music I played, or food I set out–everyone was in the Kitchen and Dining room. Friends from IES came–Jen, Jenn & Chad, Rachel, Joe, Dan and Daniela. Friends from the shop–Jody, David, Debra, Cara & Dave. Comedy and Writing Friends–Ronnie, Mollie, Ken, & Seth. Eric and Ahazi, the late crew from the Shop arrived at 9:45 and didn’t leave until 230 in the morning. Scott and Matt–two of my chicago roommates came. Jay came around 1AM, after finishing his late shift at work.

There was plenty of food the Jenna’s spinach ball recipe was a hit–as were the meatballs. GRAPE JELLY people, GRAPE JELLY. Gross, but tasty. I got a number of recipes–including Jenn’s mother-in-law’s Kugel recipe. Huzzah! Cara and Dave gave me a wonderful deck of cards with 52 Activities for Jewish Holidays. Seth snuck in a bottle of port, which was hidden with the good rum. Laverne was even able to come for some baby-free adult time.

Conversation was easy and people mingled. I’m always excited when people can meet new people. I have a great group of friends. Even Ronnie, who tends to be introverted at these things, found it easy to have a good time.

Two days later, the apartment is almost clean and back to starting level. Now it is time to start packing.

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