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Peer Pressure

Ah, February is over at long last and I’m feeling a bajillion times better than I was yesterday. My sister is trying to arrange a matchmaker for me, but I gave into peer pressure and am going to apply to be in Chicago Magazine’s Singles issue. Eeek.

My friend Mark, @1god on Twitter, thinks I can crowd-source and get everyone to nominate me. Which is tempting, you know where my Flickr account is… hint hint.

I need your help. What is interesting about me? I’ve pulled some tweets to add to my application, but thought I’d ask you, too. Why should Chicago Magazine feature me?

UPDATE: Here’s what I have from Twitterati so far

TheFemGeek @leahjones You take chances and go for what you want. You have no fears in following your heart. That’s what I get from reading your blog.

1god @leahjones “because living your life transparently, creatively and honestly is sexxy as hell”

CreativeSage @leahjones: Very cool re Chicago Mag. You’re able to be very human and delightful while being very brave. That makes you always interesting.

UPDATE 2: Here is what I’ve written so far (watch out for my ego, I sound like a jerk in this.)

Hey Chicago Mag,

I’m Leah Jones. Yes, the Leah Jones you saw on the front page of the Trib’s business section in November. Yes, the Leah Jones that writes the blog Accidentally Jewish and has over 90 subscribers to her blog. I’m the @leahjones with over 500 followers on Twitter. You aren’t sure what Twitter is? I could teach you–I jump into a lot of new web aps to try them out as part of my job at Edelman Public Relations where I am the Digital-Culture Evangalist. A promotion, if you can believe it, from Conversation Analyst. And Jeff Pulver, founder of Vonage, checked my schedule before scheduling one of his Social Media Breakfasts in Chicago.

I’m a bit of an introvert, but once you get me talking I can tell stories from my time as a stand-up comic, that one woman show I produced, working in London, studying in Argentina, my habit of going temp-to-perm into fantastic jobs (I started at Edelman as an admin and now have a global internal communications gig), converting to Judaism as a single woman, going to Israel and Japan without any Hebrew or Japanese, or going to a Karaoke bar in Durango, Colorado with Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedies.

I’ve been blogging for over four years, have a novel in the works, a short screen-play in a drawer, and my personal card lets people know that I’m a writer and occasional talker. I came to Chicago in 2002 to try stand-up comedy, which I did for a year. I fell in love with the city, but chalked up comedy as a great skill and got into non-profit work, then managed an ice cream parlor and started writing, and then made my transition to Edelman.

I’ve lived in Edgewater for almost three years, near Emanuel Congregation where I’m the youngest member of the board of directors. But enough about me, from me. I turned to Twitter and asked my friends “What’s interesting about @leahjones?” Here’s what they said:

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