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Perhaps a stroll on the beach is in order.

It has been a lazy shabbat, just what the doctor ordered. Although I’m starting to get restless and perhaps a little lonely. Perhaps I’ll

I’m also pondering buying a thing to turn my iPod into a voice recorder. I sort of want to turn my bat mitzvah into a podcast. I have plans to go to mikvah the week before (however if my period doesn’t start soon, I won’t have the seven days post to fit it in.) and thought it might be cool to have a friend record my mikvah sounds. Then drop my iPod with a recorder on the bimah at the start of services and later cut and splice a recording together.

Hmmm… any thoughts on that? I don’t need any lectures on using an iPod on Shabbat, those arguments I already know. But is there any interest in hearing me chant torah and give the accompanying d’var? Just playing with that idea.

As soon as the sun sets, we get a very fun night. It’s Purim AND a Full Moon with an eclipse. Holy cow, right? I’m going to a low key affair at my shul and am looking forward to hanging out with folks. It was a very anti-social week for me and I’m feeling it now. But I have a lot going on next week, including the date… which I’m getting very excited about. I think this guy might actually want to follow through with meeting me. Wouldn’t that be a

In the weight watchers part of my world, I’m doing the Wendy Plan and this is my day to overeat. Which I done did well at lunch. Mmmmm…. Gyro and fries are good, no? And then it will be a couple normal days and a light day. Hope to see some weight loss by my next weigh in. Plus Dondi and I are trying to go to the gym more often and hope that Daylight Savings Time will motivate ourselves more at 6AM.

Alright, that stroll on the beach is sounding pretty good right now. Happy Purim!

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