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Pitched again.

Kate from Guerilla PR sent me a nice email telling me about a new social network for Jews. There is charity thing attached to me putting up a link and referalls and stuff, but I think that would be a conflict of interests somehow. So I’ll just give you the link and if you want to do the referall thing, then leave a comment here. IMaybe I can put you in touch with her…

Anywho, it is for a MySpace for Jews called Koolanoo. They are claiming it is the first social network for Jews, but I know of a few others… isn’t there one called 24six or something like that. Anyway, it is probably worth checking out.

(And on a work related note, Kate did everything right about contacting a blogger. She had obviously read my blog, referred to a recent post, and offered plenty of ways for me to get involved. She was also totally honest about where her employer. All things we counsel our teams to do and good to see that other PR firms are doing the same.)

I may or may not try Koolanoo, but I bet if you did camp and all that stuff, it would be awesome. Probably a good way to plan a camp reunion or find an IDF soldier…

In which case, maybe I will.

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