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Planning a wedding I never dreamed of.

Sorry about ending that in a preposition, oops. Today I started writing the requested article on my conversion. It keeps getting too detailed for a 1000 word article on conversion. So I took a break and started writing another article. While I’m not dating anyone, I’ve started having wedding fantasies lately. Wierd for me, not for the rest of the women in the world.

Two of my big worries lately have been.

1. What will I do on High Holy Days this year? I won’t be jewish yet, so I can’t be a member of my temple. How will I get tickets for the services? Some other JBCs at the temple calmed me down, “They want you here and they’ll give you comp tickets, chill out.”

2. How will I plan a jewish wedding when I’ve never attended one?

This is what I choose to worry about. Going to temple on High Holy Days (Still months away) and planning a jewish wedding when we all know my dating track record says this ain’t something to consider right now. Here is the issue–my sister and I have talked wedding stuff since High School (and maybe Jr. High.) How will we make a secular ceremony feel like a real wedding? She managed to mix readings, beautiful music, a chapel, and a pastor to create a wonderful wedding that didn’t hang on Jesus.

Any considerations I made in my wedding day dreams about a secular (but let’s face it, christian leaning) wedding are now out the window. All of my opinions about weddings, gleaned from years of attending christian weddings–what good are they now? Now I need to start fantasizing about a Jewish wedding. Chuppa, ketubah, rabbi, mazel tov, veiling… all those things.

So, for today, I’m going to worry about planning my wedding. It’s better than worrying about money or when will I buy that new sofa.

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