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Planning Israel

I think I’ve settled on going to Israel on my own, instead of with the group from my shul. That might sound risky–but have you ever known me to happy traveling with a large group? Nine days on a bus with Panoramic windows–not my style. And now that I know Shai will be outside of Tel Aviv, I’m feeling better about going. I’m considering going for two weeks and making the first week intensive hebrew lessons with a homestay and the second week sightseeing.

I have nine days of vacation and if I include presidents day, I can get two full weeks out of the trip. Of course I have to be careful not to travel on Shabbat–which will make things a little more crazy in the planning. I haven’t set out a budget, but intensive Hebrew lessons will (in the end) make it more expensive than going with my congregation.

I’m open to suggestions–any ideas folks? I think I’m going to also start looking for American Bloggers in Israel–through and Or, hell, Israeli bloggers with an affinity to american JBCs with very low Hebrew skills.

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