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Plans are forming

It’s been crazy and lazy around here these past few days. I finally had some unscheduled nights. A couple I filled with impromptu chat-fests with friends and others with serious butt-on-couch time. But looking at my schedule from tonight through the 8th or 9th, I’m booked. Nearly all of June is already booked.

But booked with wonderful things. I’m not complaining.

So what has been in the works?

My trip to Israel. Got the invitation and have been sorting out the details. Now I know that I’ll arrive on Sunday the 8th and leave very early in the morning on Friday the 20th. On Thursday the 12th, I’ll be getting together with all my friends in Israel on a beach in Tel Aviv. On the morning of the 13th, I’ll go up to Jerusalem and then spend a traditional (we’ll see what he means by that) shabbat with CK. That Sunday night we get started with ROI120, which will take me through to the afternoon of the 19th. Essentially, I leave the night of the 19th.

(Update: On the 11th, I’ll be going to the Mashable event in Tel Aviv . Schmoozing in Hebrew about tech, yikes!)

I’m sort of thinking that I’ll head up to S’fat on the 8th, since I’ve never been there. Hang out, write, see the mystical sites and then come back down to Tel Aviv. Still trying to work out how I’ll get to see Rachel and her family, but I bet we’ll figure something out.

Other thing in the works is.


Selling my condo.

I need a dining room, people.

I need lots of big windows. I want subway tiles in my bathroom. I want to live closer to my friends, even if it means living farther from my synagogue. I want those hardwood floors that Chicago homes have and that little sunroom, even if it is just a bay window. I want a view that isn’t an alley and if it is an alley, I want to be looking down on it.

So I touched base with Chicago’s best mortgage broker and my super duper realtors from Condo Adventure Number One. Turns out my Fico score is excellent, but with no must-sell date, I have time to get things in order and get it on the market. I want to do it all this calendar year.

I’ve made a list of honey-dos for myself and am now looking for a handy honey to-do the list. Or I’ll call the janitor. That might work too. I think that is my news. I’m trying to spend less time online. It means a little less twitter. A little less blogging. A little more “doing things with people in person” which is why I have June booked solid and a good chunk of May. Being in person.


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