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PoeticText in a Spam email.

I glanced at a spam yesterday and noticed the text was really bizarre. There was the normal stuff on the top part about advertising dollars, but then there was these words. It is almost poetic.

cheerful apple ascent transmitting sol exploration effie barbital expand veterinarian echinoderm longstanding lapelled deepen krieger twirl intermittent intemperate lancashire downdraft loath talmud cb prompt triplex tempera uk beneath restorative cloudy lightweight astrology divestiture coccidiosis valley carp feathertop federal weary argillaceous effluvium beauteous hearst coolant warhead eventual converse trough plastic whit spayed roberts carey columbine fortress checkerberry soviet fraud centerline barber ambush angel switchboard gimmick sidewalk decimal trestle requited hold broth effluvium chief hardware metier beplaster dortmund usps electrocardiograph dynastic suffuse secrete juvenile riot cement maestro gritty tame rsvp millenarian rhombohedral aurochs delude brewster pebble oxen incendiary aviate dutchess aristotelean picnic pegasus coquina chow crusade alkaloid jovial dummy pasture complicate boolean chaff await cooley anita unique

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