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Popcorn, Socks, and Kona coffee.

Okay, I am satiated, happy, taken care of by my friends and family.

In the last few days I have received a couple packages. I now have ten pair of new socks, run free black socks. Hooray!

I have microwave popcorn. Helena, a coworker, asked “what is the deal with the popcorn?” So I made a bag of the Orville Redenbacher that Cathy sent me–one bite and she understood the full, glory of well-done microwave popcorn.

I have my Gateways. Most of my friends and many coworkers are familiar with the Gateways. A pair of flip-flops I bought in Durango. Two or three inch platforms with beaded straps. When I first got them, I ripped the tops of my feet up really bad–but insisted on wearing them. I claimed that one day, a man would look and say, “Those are great shoes, I love you.” and that the shoes would then be the “Gateways to love.” I have been wearing them for three years and get no comments, but I finally have built up a tolerance to them and now they are in London with me.

Last, but certainly not least, I have Kona Coffee. French Roast and Diamond Head Espresso. I don’t have a coffeemaker, so I have to use the French Press–which I haven’t mastered, but I have Kona.

sigh. Kona. Popcorn. Gateways. and Socks. That’s all a girl needs, really.

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