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Prepping for Speed Dating.

I am really doing this. I have actually paid 22 pounds to go on 20 or so dates tonight. Eeek. Really, this is my response to not mingling well? Forced mingling. If the series of mini-dates isn’t rough enough, then there is the mix and mingle afterwards. I am going solo, so I won’t have a friend to lean on for help in this department. Anyone who has ever attended a conference with me knows that in the mix and mingle/networking department, I am in need of great assistance.

I have to figure out my witty questions and witty answers to his minute and a half of questioning.

I figure most will go like this.

“Hellol, I’m John.”

“Hi, I’m Leah.”

“Wait, is that an american accent.”

“Um, yeah it is.”

“Where are you from?”


“Chi-cah-go. (Imitating accent) Chi-cah-go. I’ve been to California, it was great.”

“Yeah, actually, I spent a summer there.”

“So, tell me one thing. Are you going to get rid of Bush or not?”

“I think if Kerry can keep his momentum and selects a good running mate AND the war continues to spiral out of control, we should be able to get rid of him.”

Insert Bush diatribe here.

“Hey, the time’s nearly up and I don’t know anything about you.. what do you do?”

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Please say goodbye to your date and move to the next table.

And that is what I expect from my mini-dates. At least one of the anti-Bush Londoners might want to continue to bashing of said government over coffee this weekend… so then it will be worth it.

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