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Qualifying the qualified yes.

Wow. No, really, wow. Thanks for the emails and phone calls and for stopping by my desk. I really didn’t expect anyone to read so far into the last post, so thanks for reading it. Sorry for the mystery and the vaguery (it is a word now.)

To answer your questions.

1. No, I did not accept as job as the Chief Blogger for El Al.

2. No, I’m not leaving chicago.

3. No, I’m not selling my condo.

4. No, you can’t have my cat.

I just like a guy, that’s all. I like a guy, so the story goes, and even if he did (big IF) like me back, it is a practically impossible situation. (Oddly, not the only impossible crush that has crossed my romance radar in the last few months. Laila tov, motek!)

And I was thinking last night about the Year of No Decisions (yes, you should try it, even if just for a month) and wondering if I needed to put the Year of No Decisions into play in my lovelife. Quit searching for a Jewish man who lives in a 15 mile radius (preferably in the city) and who is keen on going to syngogue occasionally. What if he’s secular and has a different area code? What if he’s orthodox and lives in another country? What if he’s not Jewish?

What if I just stopped trying to make it work? Said, “Okay God, you’ve done a nice job with my career, now bring me someone to love. Someone who needs me, specifically me.” What if I stop lobbying? Stop advertising? Stop, stop, stop. And just give up the decision making or say YES! to everything this year?

So, I like a guy. What’s new?

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