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Quick Note from BlogHer

I’ve been twittering all day from BlogHer and finally killed my Blackberry battery. I’m using one of the computers supplied by AOL for the three BlogHers that didn’t bring laptops. Lucky for me, there are four computers. 🙂

It has been a nice day so far. A few random acts of serendipity. I met a guy that I was supposed to go on a date with a few months ago. We had pre-agreed that we wouldn’t have chemistry, but that coffee would be nice. In the end he had a last minute business trip and we canceled. I also ran into a blogger that I met last year. She said she was in Erin Pavilina’s forum trying to decide if a reading would be appropriate. She saw a comment from me giving Erin the thumbs up and decided to go for it, since she’d met me. Wow!

Mmmmm… Panels have been good, but as always I lament that BlogHer is on Shabbat so the more observant Jewish bloggers I read can’t attend. Also, things are definitely DEFINITELY not kosher. Bacon in the salad–bad for the vegetarians and anyone keeping remotely pork free. Actually, I’d have been pissed if I was a veggie. But I’m not, so I just skipped and moved to the next option.

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