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Random is as random does.

While I took my computer with me downstate for Christmas, it stayed in my backpack the entire time. Not to say I didn’t hop on and off the interwebs using mobile web or my sister’s laptop, but there wasn’t time or desire to write a post. In fact, I’ve had some pretty serious writer’s block lately, so blogging at all has been hard.

Of course, writer’s block, for me, comes when things are up in the air and I feel like things are up in the air. Opportunities are coming and going, people are coming and going and I feel like I’m trying to dance tango in waist-deep pudding. There is progress, but it isn’t coming easy or gracefully. And what progress there is lately is under the surface, so I can’t tell you anything.

That said, I had a wonderful weekend at my sister’s. She and her husband decided to do Santa Clause with my nephew and it was very fun. He totally believes them and is into the idea. He got exactly what he wanted (Buzz Lightyear) and was too scared of my present to open it. I got him a plush Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Best. Turns out the Beast is scary in person.

I got crafty on Saturday and made a Christmas tree our of gift wrap. It harkened back to my RA days, when I made something similar with my floor during a (don’t shoot me) three hour floor meeting. Guess what? Nobody is allergic to trees made of paper.

Today I spent the early afternoon exploring the new Spertus building and then met friends in Little Vietnam, aka Argyle St, for some Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant. It was delicious, but didn’t cure my writer’s block. Now that I’ve given you a brief update, I think I’m going to bed.

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