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Really hungry, slightly buzzed. Very happy.

What a wonderful day I’ve had. I signed my name a bajillion times and became a homeowner. I went to my new condo, ate some sushi (Kosher for passover if you are sephardic, which I’m not. But I’m also not ashkenazi, so I’m fine.), came back to the apartment to grab some music and went back around 8PM.

Around 8:30 or 9PM, Cathy and Ronnie came over to toast my new condo. Cathy brought a trunkful of Target goodies–toilet paper, hand soap, plunger, and kitty litter. Ronnie brought me the nicest corkscrew in the world. Seriously people, the nicest corkscrew in the world.

We sat in my bedroom and talked–that is the room with carpeting and since I have no chairs, the only place to sit right now. So we sat on the carpet and talked and laughed about… poop and signatures, to be totally honest. Not signatures in poop, but as two seperate topics. Then the doorbell rang and it was Miia. Miia was a co-worker in London.

How fortuitus that work would bring her to London and give her a free night on my first night as a homeowner. How FANTASTIC!!! So Miia, Ronnie, Cathy and I toasted my new place, took some photos and called it a night. Miia and I then came to the apartment and gossiped. What else do you do at midnight when you haven’t seen each other in over a year.

It was fantastic all around and as a result, I’m nearly packed. It is pretty darn fantastic. Now I’m starving and tired, so I’m going to have an egg and go to sleep. I’ll be up early to greet–the man with a van.

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