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Last week a friend mentioned that she got a 15 minute reiki sample at our salon. She had a very sore back from a long run and described the very hot sensation she felt when the reiki master put her hands over her back.

It reminded me of a time years ago, when a friend tried to do reiki on me. We were in Iguazu in 1998 and I got sick to my stomach, shocking I know, and she tried a bit of reiki. She knew of it more than she knew how to do it, but it was a good enough introduction that 10 years later I’m going to get it for real.

I got it in my head yesterday that I would get reiki and a haircut, but that wasn’t an option. So I called Dr. Google to see where else in Chicago I could get some energy work. The first few sites didn’t do much for me, but then I found a practitioner in Evanston and called her.

I was surprised when she answered the phone and even more suprised when she offered to see me today. She doesn’t typically work on Sundays, but already had one client lined up. So I’ll be on a grand excursion today. Trying to get into the depths of residential Evanston via public transportation.

Oh, so why do this today? Since my birthday, the big three oh, I have started every day with back pain and I’ve had problems with my digestive track. I switch back and forth between my bed and couch, hoping that my back will pinch less on one than the other. Some days it is strong enough that it wakes me up.

And for whatever reason, I’m much more willing to try a bit of energy work than to get put on powerful antibiotics or pain medicine. So that’s my afternoon. Seeing if a reiki healer can do somethingwith this back/gut problem of mine.

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