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Remembering that I am a writer.

The last time I saw my friend and veteran improvisor, John Mulhern, he called me to the carpet for not writing. Why is my screenplay in the bottom of a drawer? Why don’t I write anymore, other than this blog?

I’m happy to report that I submitted an essay for consideration for an anthology called Catch 20-something. I also sent an introduction of myself to Third Coast Press. Both had ads on Craigslist and both sounded like good opportunities for me to start writing again.

To Catch 20 Something I submitted my essay on conversion. That one took me nearly a month to write after being assigned by my rabbi. It took so long because every time I started, it sounded like I was writing “What I did on my summer vacation.” Only it was about why I want to convert. Lists of analogies, lists of good things about judaism, and why it will be good in my life. Lame and lamer.

But the library analogy really stuck, it is how I feel about judaism. Maybe soon I’ll pick up the fiction pen again, but for now I’ll be relieved that I wrote a decent essay and approached editors and publishers.

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