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Retail Therapy

Give it up for getting Boxing Day off work. I had the morning to laze around, drink coffee and write my first article for PresenTense. It was a day late and a quote short, so if you have something smart to say about the Jewish Internet then you should email me. Now I’m off to spend time with Cathy. Since our adventures in Mexico this summer, we’ve had a helluva time finding time to spend together. A symptom of our busy lives and new addresses.

We are headed a mall with cheaper prices and a great Lane Bryant. I definitely need to update my wardrobe. Seriously folks, gauchos in the snow? Things are getting desperate in the Jones closet. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick up some new jewelry or shoes? I’m feeling like I need to end this year with a bang in order to start the next with a nice ripple effect.

Speaking of NYE, last year I made the bold statement that come NYE 06/07 I would be with someone and I would have my book published. Nyet and nyet on both resolutions/goals. However, there is still a week left and I do know that I will be included in one (maybe two) book next year. I might not be the sole author, but I did get my writer on this year.

As I look into 2007 and try to decide my priorities, I’m thinking about gearing down the blog. Perhaps a hiatus, perhaps letting myself of the daily blog hook. I am trying to write weekly for work, bimonthly for Shebrew, regularly for PresenTense and JewishFringe. And since I’d like to also have a life, the blog might get the short end of the stick. It might not, it’s just a thought at this point.

I need to get my shoes on and get to the mall, enjoy your boxing day. Take a moment to remember Paul, King of King’s Road. He died on Boxing Day three years ago. Since he was homeless, I’m not sure anyone is marking it.

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