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On the first day of Elul, I returned home from a trip out east for day at the Shore and a wedding near the City. Complications shortened my trip and turned an adventure on the Jersey Shore into a 3 hour tour of Philly and two great meals. Unfortunately, I was also plagued with a minor sore throat the entire weekend. Since the whole point of the trip was to officiate a wedding, I needed my voice and had to just be chill all weekend.

Since I walked through the door, my cats have been on me. Walking by me, purring by me, snoozing on my arm. Soaking up all the love they can before I pack my bags and leave again tomorrow.

I travel a lot these days, but try to make time for the people (and animals) I love on every return. In the upcoming year, I hope that I get better about making time for more people with every return to Chicago.

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