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Riding a bike is just like…

People always compare things to “riding a bike.” In that, once you’ve learned, you’ve learned forever and you will never have to relearn. Tonight I borrowed my boss’s bike for a run to the bank. Holy cow, batman, it was like riding a bike.

It has been quite some time since I rode a bike. Not since I’ve lived in Chicago, only once in Colorado after my truck broke down and the altitude (and my weight) made it very, very hard. I remember renting a bike in Urugauy, riding Fadi’s bike in Iowa. But I never took my bike to college, so it has been a good ten years since I regularly rode a bike.

I must get a bike. All of my friends have recently discovered urban biking. Now after a twenty minute ride to and from the bank, I have to agree. Biking is the only way to go. I must get me a bike and soon.

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