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Rock and Roll

It’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone try and find decent tunes in my CD collection. Like I mentioned, I haven’t really bought a CD since March or April. Last night I put on some Galactic, which Jay had not heard before. Not two minutes into the first song (while I was in the kitchen) he stops the CD and replaces it with something I’ve never heard before.

I assumed he had brought in some CDs from the car. “Who is this?” I asked. “You don’t know? It’s your CD.” “Oh.” Then I rapidly try and trace what rock music I might have and am totally blanking out. Then I realize it is The Darkness. A CD I bought based on “I believe in the thing called love” that was big in London last winter. I listened to it exactly once, enjoyed it, and never listened again. Oops.

“Did you forget buying it?”

Then after the Darkness finished, he managed to find MORE acceptable music. Jane’s Addiction. This one I’ve had for ages and always recognize. It was part of my grunge tutorial by Adam in High School. Jane’s was the original alternative band.

This were in between the other eras of my music buying. These are “It’s only music if it is in Spanish.” “It’s only music if there aren’t words” “It’s only music if it is jazz.” and of course “It’s only music if a guy I like suggested it.” That’s how I got Galactic, Jane’s Addiction, La Pelotas, and The Pogues.

Sure, in there are CDs I selected for myself. Chick Flick Love Songs–a british two CD collection of the greatest songs from Chick Flicks. John Lequizamo Live. The Brit Awards Album 2004. Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits and the Beatles Number Ones. I go for greatest hits and soundtracks and various artists CDs more often than anything.

I don’t want to commit to one band. I want to sample the good songs of a lot of mediocre performers. I want the appetizer sampler. A montage. A collage. A casserole.

And a shower before I go to work.

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