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Rock N Roll Flashback

Some of my readers who have been around for awhile, might remember a guy I dated briefly named Rock ‘n’ Roll. His name came up on Wednesday when we were talking about Jewish names. Oh, I used to date a guy named “Classic Rock” but he went by “Rock N Roll.” “Rock N Roll?” my friend replied, “a friend of mine dated him about TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO. He’s gotta be older than me.”

Ah, yes. So Rock ‘n’ Roll, who I’d put at around 42-45 was older than my friend who just went to her 30th high school reunion. There is a reason his daughter and I were close in age–because he is close in age to my father than my older brother.


I guess the lesson is this. If the nickname for my blog that I give a guy is Rock ‘n’ Roll or BadBoy or PuppyKicker, I shouldn’t be dating him. And I shouldn’t be surprised that friends dated him 25 years ago. And I should date guys that I nickname “NiceGuy” or “Observant yet liberal Jew” or “Pork Free Chivalry.”

Or that I don’t have to nickname and call by their christian name… er, jewish name… That I can call by their jewish name.

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