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Roommate Re-write

A good friend pointed out that my roommate ad was a little abrasive. I re-read it and realized it was a lot abrasive. I shouldn’t have written it when I was grumpy about things in general–rock n roll, the bag of tortilla chips I had for dinner, my inablity to fall asleep.

Here is the re-write, please let people know I’m not a bitch and am not impossible to live with.

It’s that time of year and I have to decide if I’m keeping my wonderful apartment or moving. It is early to post for a May 1 move-in date, but I need to let my landlord know what I’m doing.

A little about the apartment:

Large two bedroom, hardwood floors, two living rooms (okay, one could be a dining room, but I don’t have a table), nice pantry, 1 bathroom. There is coin-operated laundry in the basement and it is one block from the brown line, three blocks to the Metra. Rent is $500 per person, split utilities (gas, electricity, phone/dsl).

A little about me: I’m 27 year old female, jewish, work in retail. Like most people in chicago, I’m also a writer and comic. I have a cat–so please don’t be allergic. I welcome another cat, but no dogs. I’m looking for a male roommate who is financially responsible, easy going, and clean. I have found that I live better with men than women.

I’m pretty easy to live with, clean but a little cluttered. I have a lot of furniture, but am not too attached to much of it. The apartment is painted, sunny, and has a lot of character.

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