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Roses or rose scented body powder.

This morning I got to my cubicle with a big glass of ice water, the first of four or five I usually have during the day, and noticed the smell of roses. Very distinct. My ice smelled like roses, but that was impossible. So I smelled my hands. Roses.

Actually, not roses, but body powder that is rose scented. That a woman might have worn in the 70s or in her 70s. It was such an overwhelming smell that I even asked my cubicle neighbor, “Did they switch the soap in the bathroom? Do you smell roses?”

I never found the source of the smell and it baffled me all day. It was too strong to be real roses, I mean, we’ve manufactured the scent right out of most flowers. It was just a mystery, but a nice one.

The rest of the day I shared the leftover macaroons and replayed the seder in my head. Alright, not the whole day. I also had a product launch that I spent the day reading about and being immersed in. I still have one load of dishes left to do and a mountain of matzah balls to freeze.

It was really a wonderful night last night. There were a couple more friends that I wish I’d invited earlier, but the guest list was perfect. Six people from incredibly diverse backgrounds and very different seder experiences. But by the end we were all singing “Who knows one?” to the tune of Kiss Off by the Violent Femmes. And, come on, any time you can work the Violent Femmes into the Exodus, you are having a good time.

Cleaning all day yesterday, I got to considering chametz. Perhaps a day late, but not a dollar short. Chametz are the leavened products and forbidden grains that we clean from our homes for Passover. It can also be the spiritual or physical things in your life that need to

be changed.

Whie I was cleaning, I removed 40 books or so from my library and put them in my storage unit. At this point, the books being removed are from my days studying Latin America and even some novels. If you believe that clutter is energy and removing clutter can help get things moving in your life, then you start moving out clutter and see what happens.

I’ve been trying to remove clutter this year. Both physical and emotional. Are things improving? Um… yeah. A lot. Things are very good right now. Except this computer, it is pushing me closer and closer to getting a Mac. We talked about it last night and I said, “I wanna be that girl with the Mac at the coffee shop.” Really I did.

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