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Sand everywhere, no camera, good times.

In the end, I had a blast in Michigan. Like I said, Ryan apologized with no prompting on Saturday morning, which made me feel a lot better. Then I got my latte, helped out the florist, and got dressed.

I was relieved that my dress turned out to be a perfect choice, as it was a formal wedding. I was very happy to wear it and to not be wearing black like so many other women. The service was short and very sweet, run by a pastor/friend of theirs. I always prefer a wedding where the pastor knows the couple, it makes it much more intimate.

It was a tearjerker, but not for me. After the Friday night sobfest, I didn’t have another tear in me. Also, I was wearing eye-makeup which also kept the tears at bay. From the wedding, we turned around and were greeted by appetizers and a bar. While the photographer took another hour of photos, we snacked, drank, and chatted. It was fun to get to know the other singles at the wedding and to chat with my original college crush–Mike. I even told him (in front of many other people) about the crush I had. He, of course, had no memory of me, but I was okay with that. I was the impressionable 17 year old, he was the college student.

From there it was into the Inn for dinner. I waited at table nine for ages for anyone of my table mates to show. In the end, along with Joe and Brian, I got booted from the table. Some cousins got booted from table five, so the three of us took over a small table in the corner and laughed our asses off. We missed all of the toasts, because the sound equipment was ancient. Oh well.

Then it was to the Casino for Wedding Cake and the first dances. There some tears caught up to me and I excused myself and changed into flip flops and grabbed my new shawl for the trip to the beach. Once we got to the beach, we saw it was only the eight of us who hadn’t changed out of our formal clothes. After twenty minutes or so, we turned around and went back to the Inn for the third clothing change of the day.

We returned, said goodbye to the Bride and Groom and let the real party begin. All I can say is that we laughed histerically, played card games, danced to Al Green or 56 Hope Road, and then went out on the dock. We lounged on the end and swam out the diving dock. In the end, what began as a weekend from hell turned into the most fun I’ve had in ages.

It was emotionally draining, but in a good way, I think. In the end, it was like everything else has been, like that damn movie. Closure for me and I wish them well. After all, marrying him was never what I wanted to do, I just wanted to be friends.

That is what we are, it will just be different and that’s ok.

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