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seriously–now taking suggestions

Okay, so I quit my job managing an ice cream parlor and am now temping at a Public Relations firm. I’m temping as an administrative assistant and a position has opened up–it is mine if I want it.


My supervisor, who loves working with me and wants me to stay, recognizes that I might be bored with the mundane tasks of being an Administrative Assistant. It’s true, it is a boring job–but it is steady and reliable.

I’m at a crossroads of needing to pick job or career. We looked at my Meyers Briggs information (INTP or INTJ, I can never remember), talked about my skills (research, presenting, facilitating, dealing with people, computer knowledge, training, writing (but not copy-editing or proofing), and then about life goals (having a family, staying in chicago, paying my bills). She wants me to consider taking an internship here, instead of the admin job–to open a career door instead of a job door.

She suggested I ask family and friends for suggestions.


What do you think would be the PERFECT job for me? Or (for those who have known me longer) remember how in college nobody could remember my major because it was so wrong for me (chemistry)–what did you think was my major? What is a great job you’ve heard of and think I should learn more about?

I’m at a crossroads and need help seeing my options.

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