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DOes it make any sense that the cookies at the oneg are better during Pesach than any other time of the year? Yes. I said cookies. My simple prayers were answered and I got sweets galore tonight at shul. But because Passover is a time of limits, the sweets seem sweeter.

Given how much I was yawning during services, I think I’ll cut this short and sit on the couch with a book. I’m feeling better. Time has simply flown by the last few weeks… in a way that both compressed and elongated time. But it has, in reality, only been a couple weeks and not a million years since my bat mitzvah and 30th birthday.

Definitely time for a novel, cause I’m making no sense. Shabbat shalom, yo.

P.S. Somebody got to me by doing a google search today for mikvah night sex podcast . Hmmm… I don’t think I know that one. But I did once hear, “Pick a fight on mikvah night.”

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