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Weekends lately have turned into shulathons–I never, ever thought I would EVER be someone who would spend most of her weekend at a house of worship. Between services, hebrew school, and random events–I’ve been spending full weekends at my synogogue lately.

But it has been worth it. Today I had Hebrew class (and it keeps getting harder) and then a big event. Our shul has commissioned a torah to be written in honor of Rabbi Hermann and Lotte Schallman–our Rabbi Emeritus and his wife, who have been with Emanuel for 50 years. So today the sofer (scribe) was at shul to write the first letter. Surrounded by the religious school students and with Rabbi Schaalman’s assistance, the sofer wrote the first word of the Torah. Bresheit. Pretty cool.

Pretty cool doesn’t explain it, but that it what you get for now. After the writing, there was lunch, and after lunch a concert. I’ve somehow joined the AV club and was responsible for taping the ceremony and the concert. It was a wonderful day, but about 30 minutes too long. Even I wanted a nap and I’m not a three year old.

Then I headed to the hospital to check in on my friend and the baby. Her husband dragged me to a nearby track to run with him–needless to say, I walked. But I got 1 1/4 miles in, so much more than I would have gotten sitting in the hospital. Now I’m home to eat some carrots and peanut butter and listen to my sink gurgle from all the rain this weekend. In a minute or two, I’m getting back on the train to see some improv. Sorry Jo–not Sportz, but IO where my ol’ roommate has a show.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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