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This morning I decided to start two more blogs. Don’t ask me why yet and don’t ask for the links. Not that they will be hard to find. I just thought that I needed to silo off some of my topics instead of having them all here. Actually… instead of having neither of them here, because I don’t currently write about either. But in the last few weeks I’ve been asked, “Why don’t you ever blog about that?”

So I will be.

But for now I’m off on my Schwinn to visit my friend Lorraine and celebrate her upcoming trip to Argentina. A country I love so very much, I got a tattoo of their national symbol on my back. I love me some Argentina.

And then I promise that I’ll write the articles I owe you PresenTense. ItzaMitzva and Synagogue Newsletter. I just haven’t had a moment. Life keeps getting in the way of my writing.

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