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Single Serving

I’ve been playing hooky from my shul for the past few months, but finally went to Shabbat services this morning. There are plenty of reasons why I can’t be found at shabbat services lately, but one of them is the real challenge of single serving Judaism.

I’m not referring to a cafeteria-style approach to Judaism, where the congregant picks the interesting bits, but living as a single Jew. It’s catching up to me. It is hard to be a single Jew. Despite my amazing group of friends, the social group that I lead at my synagogue, I struggle more with being single than I have in the past.

I skip out of services now and go to happy hour where I might actually meet someone to eventually take with me to shabbat services. I do my training walks on Saturday mornings, which keep me away from small minyans and large b’nei mitzvah. The b’nei mitzvah celebrations really do a number on me lately.

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