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Six Years

Memorial Day weekend Came and went without much thought for me this year, but it was my sixth anniversary of moving to Chicago and this passover marked my third anniversary in my condo. Six years is longer than I’ve lived in any city since I left my parents house for college and 3 years is longer than I’ve lived in one house since then.

Yesterday I got home from my third trip to Israel in three years. Each trip is more amazing than the one before and this one… well, no one is surprised that this one has me looking towards Israel for something longer than two weeks.

I don’t know if it will mean finding a way to continue my Edelman work, but from different shores. Looking for a year-long study program. I don’t know if I’m talking a 2008 move or a 2009 move or a 2010 move. I just know that it was very hard to come back from Israel this time.

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