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Sleeping on the couch

Occasionally, as a treat to myself, I sleep on the couch. That sounds totally bizarre doesn’t it. I mean, if you’ve been to my condo, you know that my couch isn’t that great. (Sorry Tim Fawkes, but really–it isn’t the best couch in the world. That doesn’ t mean that I’m not grateful that you sold me the couch for $100 or that I don’t appreciate you walking it down the alley for me, but on the scale of couch greatness–it ranks low. But higher than any other couch I’ve owned.)

It might be the years of living with roommates. When you have roommates, crashing on the couch is kind of inappropriate. I mean–you both have beds and bedrooms and that is what they are for, sleeping in. I always sleep on the couch at my parents house now, not that there isn’t a perfectly good bed upstairs, but there isn’t a TV with 5000 channels upstairs. For a girl with no cable, sleeping with on a couch near cable is pretty darn nice.

And it is rare that I sleep on the couch–maybe only two or three times since I moved in. Trust me, the Serta Pillow top that I bought off Craigslist from the nice writer is much, much better than my couch. And I can roll over without crushing Spidey if I sleep in bed, when I sleep on the couch, he gets on my stomach and stays there for eight to ten hours.

For whatever reason, last night I grabbed a quilt and slept on my couch. That is all I’m trying to say. I had wierd dreams about being trapped in a house where a huge bible study was going on and the people wouldn’t leave for Mass until 11:49 PM and I was stuck until they left. God forbid I interrupt.

Now I’m listening to some wierd noises in my drain and once again looking at piles of junk mail to be shredded and a pile of thank you notes to be written to co-workers for holiday gifts. (Not to say that one gift is better than another, but I am very excited about the Time Out subscribtion that Jered got me!) I’m also considering not doing the desperately needed housework and instead going to Kinko’s to print out my manuscript, so I can edit on paper instead of on screen. Or going to the gym. Or baking the challah I said I would bake for the New Year. Or or or or or…..

Or go and sleep on the couch again!

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