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Slow down, you move to fast

I remember once, a few months or a year ago, when I decided to stop using the word overwhelmed to describe how I was feeling. I did this just in case using the word over and over exacerbated the feeling of being overwhelmed. I also kind of think it helped.

With that in mind, I’m going to stop reeling from the six weeks I am in the middle of that have or will include visit to Toronto office, mesh conference, Pilcrow Lit Fest, cousin’s wedding, visit to Atlanta Office, two weeks in Israel, ROI120 conference, Edelman Summer School (as professor, not student), Edelman’s Academic New Media Summit followed closely by the fourth of July and a week-long tour of northern California including visits to the Sacramento, San Mateo and San Francisco offices and BlogHer.

I won’t keep going through that itinerary. I won’t. That’s the last time… until I get to dinner with a friend tonight and start going over the list again.

Instead I will enjoy my hysterical night of bowling last night for Cathy’s birthday. A bit of a surprise that I showed up to her and me, because when I was invited that afternoon I said, “I’m freaking out about everything going on, I don’t think I can handle it.” Then I realized that I was being an ass, put a bracelet on and got on the train. When we finished a night of bowling (high score for me was 127), I hopped in a cab and went to the Gapersblock party at the Hideout for 20 minutes.

I slept in this morning and had bizarre dreams about my washing machine being stolen, a mysterious staircase and my friendly next door neighbor Dave from Blogography. Erm, my friendly dream neighbor. He discovered the missing washing machine with me and confirmed I now had a mysterious staircase and a very watchful cat on the stairs.

This afternoon will be spent doing laundry, a mud mask and deciding if I’m gonna go to Israel like a college student using just a carry-on and my hosteling backpack. Lugging the big suitcase doesn’t sound appealing this year and I know that I can have laundry done when I check in to my hotel for ROI.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh. And slowing down.

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