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Small Town Durango, Colorado–where the kidnappings….

June 7, 2004

By Dale Rodebaugh Herald Staff Writer

Esmerelda, the bondage-garbed mannequin at the Fallen Angel, an adult novelty store on Durango’s north side, has been kidnapped again.

The mannequin was snatched from her place near the door of the establishment Saturday evening by a man in his early 20s, Peter Berryhill, a Durango Police Department officer, said Sunday. A woman who pulled up as the man ran out the door, Berryhill said, followed him from the Fallen Angel, located at 3101 Main Ave., to West Second Avenue where he and Esmerelda got into a boxy red vehicle.

The woman lost track of the getaway vehicle there, Berryhill said. Berryhill described the abductor as 175 pounds, 6 feet tall, with some facial hair. He was dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans. The snatch occurred about 7:40 p.m.

A license-plate number provided to police at the time proved a false lead, Berryhill said.

“We have no suspect information, but the investigation goes on,” Berryhill said.

Esmerelda, outfitted in a blue wig, black vinyl clothing, a silver belly button ring and a mask, and holding a leather bullwhip, first was abducted during a break-in the night of April 27, 2002. Construction workers found her a month later along County Road 301, south of Durango, minus her right arm and in pieces.

Rescuers asked that a $100 reward offered for the return of Esmerelda by the Fallen Angel be donated to a charity. However, they accepted a 5-gallon keg of beer offered by Ska Brewing Co. and a $50 gift certificate offered by Bayou Doc’s.

Two high school-age girls were responsible for the first kidnapping, Berryhill said.

Esmerelda swiped again from shop

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