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smart one

Way to go Career Girl. You were put in charge of ordering lunch for your group, which you handled brilliantly. Found the appropriate online form, the right credit card, faxed it in early, called to confirm. But you forgot one little IMPORTANT FUCKING thing.

To tell the sandwich shop to deliver the damn order. At 1:15 you decide, let’s see where this order could be. “Just calling to check on my delivery…” “You didn’t specify delivery, so it is waiting to be picked up.”


“Nobody called to confirm.”

“I did, I called at 11 to confirm.”

“Well, you didn’t tell us to deliver it.”

“Can you please deliver it? Now?”

“No problem.”

They hang up. The phone rings almost immediately.

“where is your office located?”


“Terrorist Target #2. Very high floor.”

“We’re on our way.”

Brilliant work—you’re one task today, for your entire group and you forgot to have it delivered.

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