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Smoke on the water.

Since the Turkey Incident, when the building had to be evacuated because of my cooking inabilities, I quit cooking. I got too afraid to turn on a burner, because the one time I did the water smoked. I swear, I am the only person who can boil water and get a smokey kitchen.

Last night I bought lots of veggies to make a soup with. I set the water on to boil and saw smoke. Eeek. I dumped the water re-washed the pot and tried again. This time I put a lid on it, so at least I wouldn’t be confronted by the smoking water. I dropped in my Oxo cubes to make the Veggie Broth and then start dumping in the zuchinni (sorry, courgettes), brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage, endives (sorry, chicory), chives, parsley, onion, garlic, and carrots. I set it to simmer and carefully supervised for signs of burning or smoking or too many particles in the air moving towards the smoke detector.

In the end, I got a nice pot of veggie soup (zero points for all you WW out there) and no fire alarm. But, I swear, the water was smoking when I started.

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