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So much to do, so much to say

I owe a million blog posts, instead you’ll get a list. I’ve been doing insane amounts of web 2.0 and extroverted things these days, that I can’t keep up and I’m utterly exhausted.

Saturday was a blogger meet-up that Edelman client Illinois Bureau of Tourism hosted in Springfield, Illinois. The goal was to socialize and show-off Springfield and the Land of Lincoln. We were bummed that a few people got caught in the weather, but here are people I got to hang out with. Check out their posts and photos to see more of the Abraham Lincoln Museum and Library, Lincoln’s home, Pizza Machine, Pease’s Candy and the Old Capitol.

  1. Rayne (my sister) of Central Illinois Life.

  2. MochaMomma and her Momma from MochaMomma.

  3. Diane and crew from Springfield Photos.

  4. Jeremy Wilburn from UIS who also got his photos up already.

  5. Jennifer from Playgroups Are No Place For Children.

  6. Matt who is another fabulous Springfield photographer put his shots up on Penning Photography.

  7. And Diane, with her munchkins, from Peoria Rocks.

The past two days I was at the Chicago New Media Summit. The day my presentation was due, I was really struggling. I didn’t know what would be presented in the two days before and as the 3rd to last presenter, I thought that really mattered. Michael, my supervisor, suggested I go without a presentation and without a real plan. Attend everything, take notes, make commentary, answer questions. I went with the final option.

Last night at the cocktail party, I asked people what questions they had for me about social media marketing. I wrote them in a notebook, took the notebook on stage and answered the questions today. I got big laughs, lots of audience reactions and heard rumors that I was one of the top presenters.

I was shaking when I walked on stage. Literally, my right leg was shaking so bad that I thought I might fall onto the red carpet, but nobody noticed. I answered the questions, admitted that I didn’t have answer for one and disagreed with (sigh) Jason from 37 Signals.

I boldly offered that a blog isn’t always the right choice. When I got off the stage, I was high on the adrenaline of a great stand-up show–except I’d offered something of value. For some people it was just the laughs, for others it was my social media mantras.

One of the best things about the summit was catching up with Scotty Iseri. Scotty and I did comedy on the same stages years and years ago. Now we both do social media stuff. Fabulous! It was phenom to talk, laugh, catch up and realize that we’re still on the same page and he’s still just as funny as ever.

Also, mad props to Rod Rakic for taking a last minute invitation and turning it into one of the top five presentations at CNMS. Rod created a social network for pilots calls myTransponder and he shared the entire path from musing to creation.

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