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So? Whats next?

I’ve been trying to keep moving through my to do list which has meant little writing here. It doesn’t mean I’ve spent every moment writing like I should, but that I feel guilty when I’m not making progress on my to-do list, so I also don’t write.

I feel a bit like I’m about to boil over with good news, but most of it isn’t bloggable. Soon, though, it will be. Hooray! A bit more about the good news that is public–my trip to Hamburg in February. All of my European colleagues that do digital stuff are getting together and Wolfgang asked if maybe I could come.

If you don’t know, I write a weekly email that goes out to the entire Edelman network called the Friday5. I occasionally will blog the list on Talkshop. So everyone hears from me every week, but I’ve actually met very few people in the network. I guess that is relative. I’ve met most of the Atlanta office and probably 30% of the New York office. But we are a global network, that’s a lot of people who only know me from my email or Facebook profile.

I’m very excited to get to join my colleagues for a couple days of hunker down presentations, brainstorms and good ol’ fashioned networking. I’m also excited to go to Germany–a country I’ve never visited. I need to figure out if Hamburg is where we sent our extra Torah, if it is I’ll look up the rabbi and say hello. (Just checked, we sent our Torah to Hanover which is 90 minutes from Hamburg.)

In other news, I’m reading Torah next weekend and giving a d’var. I’m not actually leading services, which is fine with me. If anyone has anything to say about the bitter waters of Marah, feel free to leave a comment. I have a sermon to write.

I’m also writing a couple sketches, a grant proposal, an article, working a bit on Pilcrow, and doing the dishes. Always, it seems, doing the dishes. And waiting for new blog cards (see above).

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