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Some things to read instead of me ranting.

My friend Jake linked this on his blog, so I want to have you all see it too. The Unbearable Darkness of Being on Alternet.

Rob Brezny, author of Free Will Astrology, asks his readers to share rituals of mourning. This is, I suppose, in relation to the election.

And an anonymous friend sent me this essay. She wrote it the morning after.


Well, America lost today.

We lost big.

We lost ugly.

And now there are calls for unity and solidarity, we are one nation.

Let us be honest. The Republicans are not a party interested in including anyone that does not think the way they do.

You think that women should have control over their own bodies without interference from a patriarchal society? Ummm, the Republicans don’t want you. They don’t want to listen to you. They instead wish to call you murderers.

You think that wars are inherently sinful and evil. Ummm. No they aren’t. We are so “holy” we have the right to decide the fate of other countries that have natural resources WE would like to have. If you think war should only be a last resort, you are unpatriotic.*

You think that the state should stay out of relationships between two consenting adults. No, no, no. You are an enemy of the family. A family should have a mom and a dad and couple and half children. One would think that the Republicans would look around and see that doesn’t really exist anymore. Not to mention how you make children in one parent families feel when you continue to pound that issue. You are anti-family if you think that homosexuals should have equal protection under the law.

You think this country can afford to make good health care available to all? What planet do you live on. HMO’s, Insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry MUST make huge profits without the risk of being sued of being responsible for their behavior. You just don’t get it do you? America, a citizen of the world? No, we aren’t interested in that. You are either with us or against us, according to our President. And we have the muscle to enforce it. So, if you think the ideas of the United Nations should be respected, the Republican Party is not interested in you.

Do you suffer from Diabetes or Parkinson’s or have a family member that suffers from Alzheimer’s? Well don’t hold your breath or your hope. And shame on you for wanting to use cells that are clearly discarded in order to do research on these diseases and others. Christopher Reeves, Michael J. Fox, myself and Nancy Reagan are evil. Oh, you evil believers in the power and promise of science, you are NOT wanted. Are you religious and/or spiritual beliefs not exactly inline with the conservative, evangelical Christians? Heathen! There is no room in this country for differing religious beliefs within Christianity, let alone other faith traditions. The Republican Party doesn’t want you if you think maybe the story of the ark is story used to tell a truth rather than the actual truth itself. So go to your Godless church and leave the Republicans alone. Do you believe in the dignity of all humankind, even those who don’t look like us? Do you think that those who send our children into battle should take responsibility for those under them? Pshaw…Nope instead let’s prosecute seven or eight enlisted people who believed they were following orders and pretend it is isolated. Troublemakers want all the facts. And the Republican Party is not interested in troublemakers.

You think your civil liberties are a good thing. Get over it. The Patriot Act has arrived and that is over. For some reason the government wants to have NO checks and balances on their investigations of citizen’s and non-citizens alike. If you don’t think it’s okay to sit in jail somewhere with no contact with legal representation or your family, without any charges being pressed against you, the Republican Party is not interested in your discourse.

Well this is how we are going to protest. We are going to lose our jobs to overseas firms that pay less for the work we were doing. That’ll show them Republicans. Bush said it is what is best for us. Of course, our unemployment will run out. And then the unemployment rate will look much better. Of course, less of us will be able to take trips and so the travel industry which is already in trouble will be in more trouble, causing them to go belly up and bankrupt and their employees will lose their jobs and they’ll go on unemployment for a while and then their unemployment will run out and they’ll go off the unemployment roles and it will look rosier. And with all of this, even with lower interest rates, housing sales and new house construction will plummet, with many skilled laborers being laid off, going on unemployment for a while, falling off the unemployment at the end of their time. Follow these with car sales, and durable goods and even fast food. But if you think sending our jobs overseas is not a good idea, you don’t understand economics and the Republican Party does NOT want you. Four more years of an escalating deficit, loss of jobs, loss of civil liberties, war, loss of health benefits

Sure, we’d like to be a united nation but The Republican Party is NOT interested.

*New York State went for Senator Kerry. The city that took the brunt of the Terrorism felt it would be safer with Senator Kerry.

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