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Stop and Go Stew

In my crock-pot, I have an attempt at stew warming up. I’ve decided it is called stop and go stew and while WW recipe builder is saying it is 11 pts a serving, I can’t imagine that is right. Anyway–the things I put in the crock-pot this afternoon are:

2 green zucchini (chopped) 2 yellow squash (chopped) 1 yellow onion 4 cloves of garlic 3 tomatos 3 cups of spicy V8 1 can of kidney beans 1 can of black beans 1 small can of green chile 1 or 2 lbs of beef, cut for stew making.

Why am I calling it stop and go stew? Cause the veggies are red, yellow, and green–colors of a stoplight. I hope it won’t make me run to the bathroom–but the beans and chile might have been a mistake for my stomach. We’ll hope for the best.

Everything in it cost around $12, so that should ease financial matters this week. Mortgage comes out of the paycheck on the 15th and since I can never seem to work overtime, it is a steady check, but maybe smaller than I’d hoped when I signed up at my employer.

While I wsa chopping the zucchini and onions, I started freaking out about my doctor’s appointment on Monday. Why am I going? Diabetes screening. I’ve been shaky lately–since starting WW. It isn’t constant, but I want to check it out. There is also the matter of loss of sensation in my feet recently, that my legs get all pins and needles sometimes when I’m exercising, they fall asleep when I’m sitting on the train or on my kitchen stool. My arms fall asleep at night and I wake up to pins and needles between my elbows and wrists.

I hope it can be solved with diet, exercise, and maybe some Danskos. My mom reminded me that my Grandpa’s diabetes started young, in his 30s around the time of the first heart attack. That I carry my weight around my middle and that I got fat young–all signs on the road to diabetes. (No, she didn’t say fat, I say fat–cause I was and do battle that now.) But we also have a friend with MS and that starts in your legs.

So I started freaking out–maybe this is why I had to get the home and God stuff straightened out–cause chronic illness diagnosis is around the corner? But I’m jumping to conclusions–I probably don’t have anything that can’t be regulate with diet (giving up bagels for something with grains in it, for example.) exercise and ergonomic seating.

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