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Store bought Challah

Since I went to the Heeb lecture on Thursday, I wasn’t able to make my challah dough. Last night I had to go to HarvestTime and buy challah from the bakery. I am happy to say it isn’t as good as mine. Or maybe it is better than mine, since I’ve only had mine and the stuff at temple–I don’t really know.

Instead I made some spicey veggie soup/stew. I have to remember that raw jalepenos are SPICEY. So bad that without a side of bread and cheese, it would be inedible. Hoo wee. But it is a yummy variation on the WW zero points. It has 1 pt because I sauteed the onions in oil and there are a few potato chunks in every serving.

I’m still in my bath towel and have to be at work in four minutes. Oops.

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