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Struggling to write…

You’d think writing 1000 words for a magazine about converting would be easy–after all, I’ve written 10,000 words on this blog about converting. But the spin of the article is converting as a single woman–which to me is not extraordinary, it is just my life. Part of the conversation on Friday night was about talking to non-Jews about converting. An elephant in the corner of Jewish living, “Did anyone ask so-and-so if they want to convert?”

A good friend sitting in front me of said, “I can understand converting when you have kids, but why on earth would a single person convert?” And her husband is a Jew by Choice–so she understands converting, but without kids or the promise of kids or even the glimmer of a relationship, WHY? A couple of my jewish friends spoke up and recounted conversations they’d had with me, when they had questioned my sanity.

These weren’t my Jewish friend from pre-shul life, these are friends I made at shul. Friends I wouldn’t have made if I hadn’t converted, but they still marveled my decision. To me–just my life, just the path I’m on.

So I have to find a thousand words to describe that this is my life–maybe I didn’t have a diamond ring as the catalyst, but the end result is the same. A jew who will marry a jew and have some jewish kids.

Instead of failing to write the article, I think I’ll do dishes and take out the trash.

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