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Summer Vacation

As it turns out, Israel isn’t in the cards for me this summer. The conference I’ve attended for the last five years didn’t invite me back (no hard feelings, five years was a great run) and the wedding of a good friend is limited to family only. So without a strong reason to go, other than habit, I’ve decided to go somewhere else.

But where?

I’ve been spending all my vacation days on Israel since 2006. With a whole world of options, I don’t have the slightest idea where to go.

I don’t want to go to London, because I don’t want to be around Olympic related crowds. I don’t want to go to a country that will give me shit about all the Israeli custom stamps in my passport or get a stamp that makes the next trip difficult.

I haven’t traveled extensively in Europe or mainland Asia. I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand. Never been anywhere in Africa.

I speak Spanish, like to ride bikes and like to eat food. I dig museums, but prefer cafes. A cruise is possible, but I’m so offended by the Single Supplement that I might not go on one.

So… where should I go? I’m especially looking at you Dave2. You do more solo travel than anyone I know and have definite opinions that I want to hear.

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