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Surviving by Akira and Ellie Ohiso

Old timers in the J-blogosphere, like me, might remember Akira Ohiso who wrote the blog Sushi Kiddush and later Minor Fast Days. He is a Japanese-American convert to Judaism who worked with Holocaust survivors (and eventually got dooced for writing about his clients).

I met Akira and his wife Ellie on my way home from my first trip to Israel during a very long layover in New York . They are an amazing couple who are now parents. AND… Akira wrote me tonight to tell me that their first book is now published. So I’m telling you that you should buy it.

It is called Surviving and available from Zinc Plate Press. I can not wait to get my hands on this work of graphic non-fiction.

Akira was definitely my first JBC blog friend that I made and met in person. Honestly, I think there was a time when Akira was the only convert blogging, he was definitely one of the first. He and Ellie are amazing people. Go buy his book. What are you waiting for? Go. Buy. The. Book.

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