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Synchronicity, synchronicity where arent you?

1. I go into the salad place and see a woman from my office two jobs ago.

2. I leave the building and pass my Rabbi and his Wife walking down the street.

3. I buy Ronnie a birthday card with the scene of joyful buddhist monks on a roller coaster. (Remember the monks I saw on the beach while he was in Israel.)

4. I pick up a book of quotes at the register and flip it open. There is my favorite quote. I buy it for Ronnie.

5. I go into the subway and sit. I write out the message in the monk card. I let one train go by and look, there is one of my favorite coffee customers sitting a bench away from me. We talk and ride the train north. He gets off at Clark & Division.

6. Another customer from the Shop walks by the open door of the train.

7. I get off the train and run into a former co-worker’s husband. He is standing on the corner selling Cable. We chat for a minute–this is how he met his wife, he tried to seell her cable.

8. There is a note from my Condo Association. The lawyer they mention was a customer at the shop.

9. I get back on the train. When I get off at Fullerton to meet Ronnie, I run into a woman who was an intern at my old office. (We didn’t remember each other’s name, but neither of us admitted it.)

10. I check my voicemail on the way home and there is a message from Bryan–a friend from ARGENTINA (who lives in Texas) who is in Chicago this weekend.

I think that is all of them. All that could possibly be left is that the girl Ronnie brought to the movie, must be the sister or girlfriend of one of my Israeli boys in London. What, God, is going on right now. Why on earth is everything so damn connected today?

I continue to be run by jealousy today. You know that scene in Mystic Pizza? That scene where Julia Roberts empties barrels of fish into his convertible? Then finds out she was really his cousin and not his girlfriend. Oops. So with that as a moral lesson, I am not going to lose my shit tonight.

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