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Take that CitiBank!

I’ve had it with Junk mail and credit card offers. Want to get more credit card offers than you can shake a stick at? Get a mortgage! No, wait, get two to avoid PMI. Then you’ll get credit card offers every single day. You can stack them up next to the shredder and wait for the night when you have two hours to spare and shred away.

Tonight was that night. I wanted to see my kitchen counter and the only way was to deal with the junk mail that overtook my kitchen and office area. I started to rip open the envelopes and send all the contents into the shredder. Even though, at some level, I suppose I could just shred the parts with my name and addy on it.

Then I thought, I’ll get back at them. One pre-paid envelope at a time. So I started to pull out the reply envelopes and seal them up empty. Tomorrow I’m going to drop nine empty pre-paid envelopes in the mail. I know I’m not the first person to do this, it isn’t original or a particularly good use of government resources. But, hell, I’m doing it.

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