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Tango and Random

I’m pretty scatter brained, as I have been all week. So this will be light, as all of my posts have been this week.

1. I had Tango lessons again tonight. Winter break finally ended and we are back where we ended last term. Sadly, the men are where they left off at the end of last term. The men are busy not being very manly. Why, oh why, did we teach men to be sensitive and emotional and more feminine? And why, please tell me, do they have to bring sensitive and feminine to dance class. Social dancing, ballroom, tango–that is where men need to be men. Are expected to be men. Come on, please, please, I beg you. Good posture, strong arms, hold a proper dance frame. If you are leading me into a turn, LEAD ME INTO THE TURN. Then support me while I turn. If I’m doing this to learn to be a lady, then you have to BE THE MAN.

Pretty please.

WIth a cherry on top.

Just be the man for one hour. Then you can go home and watch Gilmore Girls, I don’t care. But during dance class–quite apologizing and just be macho. (Yes, I know. Macho men don’t take beginning ballroom.)

2. I am sending a friend from Tango off to Argentina next week. Okay, I’m not sending her, but I approve of her going and she is staying with a friend of mine in La Plata for two weeks. I have to get a list of restaurants and names together for her. She got me a wonderful gift of literature and Argentine wine. And the best corkscrew in the world. The same one Ronnie gave me for my closing. I probably shouldn’t have said anything and just accepted it. But once I went to buy it as a gift and found out how expensive they can be. She said she didn’t have one, so I told her to keep it. I would just end up regifting it and that isn’t really in the spirit of things, is it? Or maybe I was just being a jerk and should have been more graceful.

3. Emails from my Esquire personal ad are picking up. DId they run another set of ads or something? Why all of the sudden am I getting emails? Today was a nice surprise–it was someone writing (from a real email address) to compliment my writing, not to offer oral sex or ask if my cat would let me be a lesbian. I pointed him here and to Shebrew for something more current than Summer 2004 (which was really written in Winter 2003).

4. I now have 12 friends on Friendster. Same old photo, same sorry text, but TWELVE whole friends.

5. We rolled out the temple website this morning to rave reviews! Or to rave review. Whatever. We are pleased as punch with it and I’m proud of the text I wrote (specifically the Life Cycle page).

6. I’m losing steam, but wasn’t the weather lovely today in Chicago?

7. One more W-2 and I can do my taxes. I might have to break down and get an accountant this year–four mortgages, some retirement stuff, some charity stuff… Good thing I’m a Jew now, supposedly Jews know accountants.

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