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Ten Year Reunion… already?

Is it really time for the planning of my ten year high school reunion to be starting? I guess since my college five year is this fall and college was four years long, four plus five is nine, one more is ten. Okay then, class officers of the class of 1995, start planning.

I was not, however, a class officer of the class of ’95. But I think I voted for them… Ten years, holy cow. I noticed all of the class officers have hyphenated last names–meaning they are all married. Whether or not the hyphen is just for the rest of us to know who they were or if they really hyphenated, that remains to be seen.

Most of my friends have had a lot of fun at their ten year reunions. My brother went to his and my dad just went to his 40th. Hmmm. I have one more year to be the perfect Terre Haute South Alumna. What does that mean?

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