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Term paper or Prom?

“Leah, it’s like you’re sitting at home writing a term paper while everyone else is at the prom.”

Yes, that is exactly what it is like. While it could be refering to a number of things in my life, Tim was actually refering to my REFUSAL to read Harry Potter Six until I finish Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Stupid Ayn Rand.

This is the hardest read I’ve slogged through in years and it is taking me longer to read than anything I’ve read in years. I’m going on two weeks–two weeks on ONE book! I actually have to put my bookmark under each line of text to make sure I read it, because it is such a hard read for me. I can’t read while I eat and can hardly read while I drink, it takes so much concentration.

And everyone, it seems, has read The Fountainhead and not so much Atlas Shrugged. And nobody says, “Oh my god, I LOVED IT!” just how hard it was to read and that an article on Objectivism would have sufficed instead of a 800 page novel.

Why not a trilogy, Ms. Rand? You would have made more money and I would have had some sense of completion. I probably would have tried on Part 2 for size. I’m also dreading the radio speech–anyone remember the 60 page radio speech? Ronnie said it took him a week (or maybe 4 days) to slog through the speech and it is all he remembers about the book.

Don’t tell Ayn, but tomorrow I’m bringing home Harry Potter.

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