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The Ad and the Advice

Okay, now instead of slightly obscene responses to The Ad, I am now getting unsolicited advice from people. Okay, okay, one was very sweet and one was.. I don’t know, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl or something.

Here are two emails I got today:

Leah, loose the self destructive attitude! Wear you hair longer (beyound the shoulders) with some highlights sometimes tied up in a bun,be creative add some earrings. Don’t ever bring up your past sexual stuff its useless and point you out as disrespectful.


aw babe, i’m not trying to hit on you or anything, especially since i’m a 16 year old girl..but i read your personals things and i got sad..because it’s upsetting you care so much about you’re weight. you’re beautiful darling, don’t let anyone tell you different. and christ, chemistry is horrible. i’m more of a biology girl. anyway, i hope you have a nice day. ignore my stupid screenname..i was a little obsessed with a nickelodeon show when i made it. it was one of my favourites when i was a kid. yeah.. see you later hun, and cheer up.

To the first person: Um… fuck off. I keep my hair short because long it goes into pony tail and drags my face down. I wear earrings every day, diamond studs from my grandfather. Um, and the past sexual stuff. Really, there isn’t much and actually it’s a very respectful past. But thanks for asking for the full picture before calling me disrespectful. AND LEARN HOW TO SPELL. (not that I spell perfectly, but I know the difference between lose and loose.)

To the second person: Hooray that there are 16 year old girls that know you shouldn’t be obsessed about your weight! AND who is smart and likes science. AND who recognizes that people grow out of their screen names.

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