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The Final Cut

My upbeat work CD slipped into meloncholy love songs pretty quick. But I’m almost done with it. Here are the songs I have on it so far.

Side 1.

Outkast—Hey Ya!

Kellis—My Milkshake

Will Smith—Gettin’ Jiggy With it.

Rachel Stevens—Sweet Dreams my LA Ex

The Darkness—I believe in a thing called love

Michael Shelley—She’s not you.

John Mayer—Home Life

Soul Coughing–Misinformed

Moby—Jam for the Ladies

Sophie Ellis—It’s mixed up world


Squeeze—If I didn’t love you

Lisa Loeb—Stay (I missed you)

Side two

Temptations—The way you do the things you do

Johnny Cash—The one in the middle is on the right.

Lonestar—unusually unusual

Bruce Springsteen—Glory Days

Busted—You said no.

G Love and Special Sauce–Cold Beverage

Big Audio Dynamit4—Globe

Dizee Rascal—Fix Up, Look Sharp

Basement Jaxx featuring Lisa Kekaula—Good Luck


I am in search of new music. I think I need to dig into my 90s roots and get some Nirvana and Pearl Jam (favorite bands of two boys I know) and then another suggestion has been Flatfoot 56. They are a Christian Punk Rock band, but I’ve heard their cover of Amazing Grace. It is the Pogues meets something. Pretty cool stuff.

What other music should I get? Suggestions please. I haven’t bought a new CD since I was at Heathrow in March.

Update: ARGH! I fucked it up. TOday when I started taping, I started on the wrong side.

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